“Reflections” is a sculptural nude series by Michael Ezra, which focuses on the theme of duality. A favorite of the artist, this theme is present in all Ezra’s sculptural nude works as a subtle leitmotif – relaxation and serenity vs. precision and control – but Reflections is the series where it takes the center stage. Each work is a composition of two or more artist’s individual pieces, built on similarity between the participating images. The parallel presentation brings out the geometric quality inherent in artist’s sculptural nude work to a beautiful flowing visual effect and also accentuates the differences between the participating pieces – or the lack of such – inviting viewer to reflect on many, often hidden and internalized, manifestations of duality in life.

Originally started in the darkroom as overlay of negatives, the Reflections series came to a full realization with the advent of the digital workflow. Like other sculptural nude series by the artist, it is executed in the silky rich-tone black-and-white style. The participating pieces come from various Ezra’s series – from Women Beautiful, Horizontal Nudes and Triangles to the more recent Levitation. In that, Reflections offers a viewer a different, parallel perspective at the artist’s existing body of work.