About the Artist

“I enjoy exploring dualities, the opposing qualities inherent to everything in nature. It is then when all of them are present, I get a sense of completeness and harmony that I strive to pursue in my work.”
– Michael Ezra

Michael Ezra was born and grew up in Tbilisi, the capital of then Soviet republic Georgia – the land known for its beauty, hospitality, and inspiration it brought to the greatest literary minds. It was not until 1999 that he began his path as a photographer. By 2003 his fine art nude series became widely known among online photographic communities.

Michael Ezra has distinctive and easily recognizable style in sculptural nudes. His work is focused on creation of unique laconic images of sculptural forms by using the medium of fine art photography. It is dedicated to discovery of novel concepts of sculptural form of human body and study of dualism via harmonious conjunction of contrasting elements.

Ezra’s work with a human form, original and unconventional, inspired a wide following; but it is his clean and precise manner of execution of each piece that became a special hallmark of the artist. Equally found in his sculptural nudes and landscape works, it renders a unique sense of clarity and completeness to each of the master’s pieces.

In recent years Ezra’s interest evolved toward blending elements of surreal into his photographic works while hauntingly preserving the look-and-feel of his earlier studio photographic series of Horizontal Nudes and Triangles. The results of this exploration have formed his “Reflections” and “Levitation” series as well as more whimsical series “If”, “Then”, and “Otherwise”.

Presently Michael Ezra is based in New York City, USA.

Today Ezra’s works can be found in private collections in US, Canada, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Australia, Russia, Israel, Barbados and Brazil.