Sculptural Nudes


Meditation on the elusive sense of liberty

 “Levitation” is one of a more recent sculptural nude series by Michael Ezra.  Executed in Ezra’s characteristic silky black-and-white style, this series is a meditation on the elusive sense of liberty we experience when we sleep – or when we fully let go of restrictions and expectations. The works radiate a sense of a different reality as models effortlessly float in the air, the lines and forms of their bodies beautifully unaffected by pressures of the floor surface.

The place of Levitation series in Michael Ezra’s body of work is best understood against the background of revolutionary changes that took place in the art of photography over the past decade, with its progression from film cameras & dark room printing toward digital photography. The Levitation series honors the concepts and style developed by Michael Ezra in his dark room silver prints – and at the same time it openly dispenses with limitations of physical reality, celebrating the creative freedom.


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